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Couriers – helping with the little big things in life

Fruit Box

The little things in life…don’t sweat them, they are after all just first world problems, worry about the the big things and the small things will look after themselves right?  Nonsense!  It’s the small things that eat away at the quality of life – you’ve left your mobile on the train…well the sun will still shine and the Earth will still rotate, so say all off the the cliches, but for yourself you’ve got a lot of hassle.  Small fry in the greater scheme of things, but if it happens often enough then life is that much less enjoyable.

So how can a Maidstone courier company like JDL Deliveries help to alleviate this little problems?  Granted we can’t write off your mortgage or find a solution to global warming, but where we do specialise is in sorting out the small problems that eat away at the quality of life.

“So”, I hear you say, “what kind of thing have you done to help out these poor folks looking to sort out their little worries?”.  Well…as well as doing all kinds of business to business movements of full pallets in a timely, safe and efficient manner we’ve also come to the rescue of many individuals needing something now.

Off the top of my head we’ve helped out with the following scenarios; a lady who had done a recent charity walk from London to Brighton had unfortunately left her hold-all in her Brighton hotel room.  Annoying enough, but on a more personal level, this hold-all also contained her wedding ring as well.  No problem!  JDL to the rescue and the owner and hold-all, wedding ring and all, are reunited.

Speaking of hotel rooms – they do seem to be a magnet for collecting expensive items being left behind as another recent job has seen us reunite a work Ipad to it’s relieved owner when it failed to make its way back into the suitcase following an exhibition.

It sin’t just the er small small things we’ve been doing either.  What could possibly be more annoying to a Harley Davidson rider than to be missing their prized Harley?  Without it you could argue that you’ve got an identity crisis, so imagine the bit of sunshine that we’ve spread when we’ve delivered somebody’s ride so they can go burnin’ up the highway.

Being a Maidstone courier in the heart of the county of Kent – the garden of England, we also make sure that numerous growers get their fruit sample boxes to their customers in order to secure bigger & better orders from them.  Our customers love our reliability, professionalism and ability to offer a chilled delivery service st the drop of the hat.

So if you’re in the need to a solution to some of life’s (smaller but still irritating) problems then remember keep this blog handy; you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

Till next time.


Beauty tip; stress = grey hair & wrinkles. Eliminate stress – use a courier!

Maidstone CourierLet’s face it…modern life is stressful enough isn’t it?  An endless procession of tasks…do this, be here, I need this now…it’s a wonder that the human species has lasted this long with the annoyances it places upon itself.  One thing that this is not going to help is keeping us looking young and beautiful is it?  We are now a world-weary generation.

Sorry for not being too cheery, but this is where (with some relief) the tone changes, because this is where Maidstone courier companies like JDL Deliveries come to the fore to help eliminate those stressful moments in your working life.  It is true we live in an internet age now and everything is done on-line or “in the cloud”, this mythical device, but paradoxically this increases the need for a courier.

The e-commerce economy is booming and therefore purchases need to get from A to B somehow now you don’t actually go to the shops to get them.  Likewise more and more people are working from home, or remotely, or in satellite offices and there is still the need to move objects from site to site.  This obviously a quandary – does the person(s) go to the effort of moving these themselves creating downtime when they could be more productive, create more stress for themselves leading inevitably to the aforementioned grey hair and wrinkles, or do they find someone who is set up for the task instead?  Like say a Maidstone courier such as JDL Deliveries.

We at JDL Deliveries like to think that we’ve done more to keep the nation beautiful than any skin care company, so why not give us a try?

Keep this blog where you can find it, you’ll never know when you’ll need us.

Till next time.

With a great courier comes great responsibility


With a great courier comes great responsibility…Okay, okay it is a bit of a paraphrase granted, but we at JDL Deliveries do take our responsibilities seriously.  “Well I should ****** well hope you do” is of course your your reply, “so what makes you at JDL different to other Maidstone courier services?”

Well…not only is being a courier service our job, but we also live it.  We take pride in our vehicles, our appearance, our punctuality and the level of service we provide.  Basically YOUR customers are OUR customers.  We believe this implicitly and we’re not in the business of anything else apart from carrying your business to the next level.

So, tangenting  off subject for a minute, if you wanted to become a courier, or even set up a courier company, what are the personal qualities you require.  We’ve all seen the horror stories on social media of customers who’ve ordered their Christmas gifts coming home to find a card saying “parcel has been hidden in the bin”, on rubbish collection day, or left with a neighbour…22 miles away.  Whilst we at JDL Deliveries are more of a business to business Maidstone courier service, rather than delivering to end consumers, the premise is the same.  Treat your customers at either end of the collection and delivery process with respect.  Remember that you have been trusted to move an item that has been been deemed important enough that somebody has booked you to move it.  If you are not someone who’ll accept this as a sacred trust then frankly the world of courier work is not for you.

Basically if you stick to the mantra of treat a customer’s items as you’d wish someone to treat your own, then you can’t really go far wrong.

So I’ll conclude by saying thanks ever so for reading (if indeed you’re still reading this far down) and I hope that Friday the 13th is anything but unlucky for you.

Till next time…

What to look for when choosing a courier company

Nick new e-mail header 2

So then…the burning question that is asked (not a lot if we’re honest) is what do I look for when choosing a courier company?  However this is something that does need to be asked as not all courier companies are the same.  This is especially important if that courier company you’ve selected is transporting something of vital importance to your customer.  Your reputation is being carried by that courier company, so make sure that you pick a good one.

Here at JDL Deliveries Limited, we like to blow our own trumpet and know one or two things of what you’d be looking for, so in the great tradition of blogging, we’d like to share some of them…

  1. Reputation – in these days of internet savvy customers being willing to leave reviews quickly & easily, it is fairly easy to view how other customers perceive the performance of a courier.  What is even more important than the customer feedback is how the courier company chooses to respond to the feedback, whether good or bad.  This speaks volumes about how much the courier company cares about its reputation, and a courier company that cares about its own reputation will most likely also care about your reputation with your customers.
  2. Locality – a courier company, like any other business, often has spare capacity for last minute emergency “oh my God I’ve forgotten to send this important parcel, what am I going to do?” type scenarios, however if you want your emergency parcel there quickly, then pick a company in the local area as they’re more likely to be able to respond promptly with this spare capacity.  We here at JDL specialise in collections around Kent, (especially the busy areas such as Tonbridge, Aylesford, Medway & Dartford) but also London & Essex too…so as a shameless plug…we’d be perfect for your last minute emergency collections in areas like these.
  3. Tracking – in this day an age no professional courier company should be without it.  You need to know where your parcel is, how long it’s going to be and you need to know this for the duration of its time with the courier company.
  4. Do they have the infrastructure to undertake the job – parcels range from envelopes to very big things and everything in between.  They may have temperature requirements, they may have packaging requirements.  Whatever you do before booking the courier, please ensure that they have the correct equipment to hand to perform the job.  A company, like say JDL Deliveries Ltd for example, have a full range of options available to offer same day or next day delivery using a whole host of vehicle options ranging from motorbikes & cars, up to vans and lorries along with chilled options, so we like to consider we’ve got you covered!

So that are a few things that we as Kent couriers think you should be considering when you select your next company to carry important information or products on your behalf.

Hope you enjoyed our blog and look out for our next post sometime soon.

New office, new logo, new vehicles, we’re growing…

We at JDL like to give tips, hints and advice on all things couriers and motoring, but with our recent steps forward we’re unashamedly going to talk about ourselves, and because it’s our blog, that’s what we are going to do today I’m afraid.  Fear not we’ll be back being interesting on our next post post.

In the last week we’ve increased our on the road offerings to include refrigerated vans for chilled goods, we’ve relaunched our website to something rather natty, put together a fresh new logo and the biggest move of course is the opening of our second office in Lordswood, Chatham, Kent to better handle our workload.

Where once we used to concentrate ourselves by offering a courier service to organisations in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas, now we’ve really pulled out all the stops to offer a complete solution to companies in the south east of England and beyond.

We’ve grown as we’ve listened to what our customers want and made sure we kept meeting that.  What we’d really like is for our customers to grow with us.  As Adam probably said to Eve…”you’d better stand back, there’s no telling how big this thing will get”…so if you need your business to be helped to the next level, come take the journey with JDL Deliveries Ltd.

JDL one stop


Have you seen one of our vans?

Did someone say Free Chocolate?

Let us know where and when you have seen one of our JDL Deliveries vans and you will receive some FREE chocolate and a £10 discount voucher!

Alternatively, if you need a Same day delivery then book with us and choose one of the 8 Easter Eggs in the image below. Let us know this choice at the time of booking.

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What’s going on at JDL!


Yes, that’s right. Its that time of year again and we are giving away a free chocolate Easter Eggs with each same day delivery! There are lots of choices from Creme eggs to mini eggs, from Mars to KitKat! So, whatever is your favourite, make sure you let us know when you book your delivery and we will get them to you! But be quick because once they’re gone, they’re gone!

New logo 

JDL Logo lower caseYou may have noticed our new logos on our paperwork and our vehicles. We have primarily had plain white vehicles in the past, but now we have decided to let everyone know when JDL our coming! The Red JDL inside a red & blue circle will be our main logo and we have another one just for our temperature controlled vehicles. The will be Temperature ControlledJDL in Blue inside the red and blue circle on a white background, with the image of the thermometer next to it, so you can instantly tell thatit is a temperature controlled vehicle.



New Branch

We are pleased to say that we are opening another branch on 11th April in Lordswood, Chatham. This branch will be ideal to service customers in the Medway area and being only 3 minutes from the M2, it has excellent motorways connections too. We will have our normal operating hours of Monday to Friday 8.00 am – 6.00 pm but we can have access to the site 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can provide storage services, so if you have any storage and distribution requirements then let us know!

Loyalty Points

From the 1st May we will be launching our customer loyalty points program to give something back to our loyal customers.

From the beginning of April 2016, you will receive one point per job booked with us. At the end of each month we will send you a monthly statement of your points so that you can keep a check on how many points you have earned. A total of 10 points is equal to £10.00 where you can either claim a £10.00 JDL discount voucher or save your points.

However, If you choose to save your points, you can continue to earn up to 20 points in order to claim a £10.00 gift voucher for one of the following popular stores: Morrison’s, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Marks & Spencer! You do not have to claim your gift vouchers straight away – you may choose to save your points to earn a voucher worth more money. You may even wish to carry on saving until Christmas and then use the vouchers then.

Monthly Competition

This months competition is going to have a F1 theme to it.
Who can correctly say how many laps the Mercedes F1 team completed in Barcelona in pre-season testing?
Its just for fun but a free egg and a £10.00 discount voucher to the winner!

If you would like to find out more about our loyalty scheme, then please get in touch!

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