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With a great courier comes great responsibility


With a great courier comes great responsibility…Okay, okay it is a bit of a paraphrase granted, but we at JDL Deliveries do take our responsibilities seriously.  “Well I should ****** well hope you do” is of course your your reply, “so what makes you at JDL different to other Maidstone courier services?”

Well…not only is being a courier service our job, but we also live it.  We take pride in our vehicles, our appearance, our punctuality and the level of service we provide.  Basically YOUR customers are OUR customers.  We believe this implicitly and we’re not in the business of anything else apart from carrying your business to the next level.

So, tangenting  off subject for a minute, if you wanted to become a courier, or even set up a courier company, what are the personal qualities you require.  We’ve all seen the horror stories on social media of customers who’ve ordered their Christmas gifts coming home to find a card saying “parcel has been hidden in the bin”, on rubbish collection day, or left with a neighbour…22 miles away.  Whilst we at JDL Deliveries are more of a business to business Maidstone courier service, rather than delivering to end consumers, the premise is the same.  Treat your customers at either end of the collection and delivery process with respect.  Remember that you have been trusted to move an item that has been been deemed important enough that somebody has booked you to move it.  If you are not someone who’ll accept this as a sacred trust then frankly the world of courier work is not for you.

Basically if you stick to the mantra of treat a customer’s items as you’d wish someone to treat your own, then you can’t really go far wrong.

So I’ll conclude by saying thanks ever so for reading (if indeed you’re still reading this far down) and I hope that Friday the 13th is anything but unlucky for you.

Till next time…

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