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So JDL…what is it you actually do as a business?

In an earlier blog, we pointed out what the difference between a dedicated Kent courier like JDL Deliveries Ltd and a multi drop one, that usually brings you your online purchases, if you’re that keen to read all about it, have a click here.

However that is all well and good, but I thought we’d embellish the point with some pictures, as after all, they do say a thousand words…

So a dedicated courier service is usually found at partner companies to assist in the day to day logistical needs of an organisation.  This usually involves the collections of pallets or large, specialist items in environments such as:

 Or these:

These are then often delivered to business addresses in order for the company to carry on with their day to day trading without having to chase up their orders.  These drops are often delivered to trading estates for quick unloading as can be seen here:

Or here:

However because of the flexibility of the JDL Deliveries fleet we also provide tail lifts and pump trucks eg:

Which facilitate the ability to deliver heavy items, sometimes even to private residences (often undergoing building works), in vehicles that can go wherever your common or garden estate car or large 4×4 is able to drive into, such as:

We also specialise in the delivery of important documentation, even if it is to one of the top floors of the Shard:

Or in the centre of London:

Or elsewhere in London:

Not also forgetting that our chilled courier service allows us to control the temperature of produce should the need arise:

On top of this (still keeping note?!?), we also have an extensive range of specialist services we can bring to the fore, these include hiab deliveries:

And also lorry deliveries ranging from 7.5t:

To articulated vehicles:

So there you go then – we here at JDL Deliveries deliver stuff; a lot of stuff, that’s what our business does!

Until next time…

A happy Easter to all from JDL Deliveries Limited

So then…another holiday is soon to fall upon us and the Kent courier JDL Deliveries says “bring it on!”   We also state you cannot possibly elicit maximum enjoy of any holiday period without a list of irreverent facts to accompany it.  So in finest JDL Deliveries blog tradition here comes a list…

  1.  Easter is celebrated at different times by Eastern and Western Christians. That’s because the dates for Easter in Eastern Christianity are based on the Julian Calendar.
  2. Easter eggs and the giving of them as gifts actually pre-dates Easter, as many cultures consider it a symbol of rebirth since the times of the Ancient Egyptians and Persians, hence it’s adoption by Christians.
  3. The first chocolate eggs were made in Europe in the early 19th Century, whilst in the midlands, John Cadbury made the first “Cadbury” Easter eggs in 1875.
  4. On average a child in the UK will receive 8.8 Easter eggs this year.  The number they get to eat before their parents “test” them remains to be seen…
  5. The first chocolate egg for Easter was made in 1873 by a company in Bristol called Fry’s.
  6. The word “Easter” occurs only once in the King James Bible (Acts 12:4), whilst elsewhere in the King James version, the word “Passover” is used.
  7. Unlike Christmas, Easter was declared a movable festival by early Christians.  Easter Sunday would fall on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox.  However, this was not the real full moon, but the “ecclesiastical full moon” as calculated by the church.
  8. Sales at Easter time make up 10% of UK chocolate spending for the whole year.
  9. Ever wondered what the specific term used for the practice of Easter egg painting is?  Well it is called “Pysanka”.
  10. With all those eggs and other yummy chocolaty treats for family friends, it should be no surprise to you that each household spends an average of £75 on Easter per year.

So whatever the Easter bunny brings you this year, you at least have a bit of (useless) knowledge about Easter and its links to chocolate eggs.

Just as an aside…if you need a Kent courier to carry your business, we’re currently giving away a FREE (yes, I did say “free”) Easter egg with each order this week, so call 0800 0192 530 with your requirement to accompany your chocolate.

If you don’t need us, I hope you enjoyed reading and until next time…


In the summer time when the weather is hot, you’ve got drivin’ on your mind…

Mungo Jerry said it; in the summer time you’ve got women on your mind, you have a drink and a drive and go out and see what you can find.  In the best traditions of a Kent courier like JDL Deliveries and our blogging output we’ve put together a list for driving safely in the summer time.

  1. Drinking and driving – don’t take Mungo’s example. Don’t drink and drive (alcohol that is).  It isn’t big, it isn’t clever and it’s highly illegal.  Tempting as it is to pull into a lovely olde worlde pub on a country drive and sink a few ales in the garden, if you’re driving home, just don’t!
  2. Check your vehicle and make sure it is properly maintained.  Make sure your oil and water is topped up, your tyres have enough tread and are set to the correct pressure, just common sense really, but remember higher temperatures can put additional strain on your vehicle.
  3. Make sure your air conditioning is topped up.  If you’ve got it, then use it.  There is nothing worse than driving whilst nodding off in the heat of a sweaty car cabin.  Keep yourself cool as a cucumber.
  4. Carry an emergency breakdown kit.  Vehicles do break down, even the best maintained ones, or you might even come across someone who has been in an accident or injured.  So just in case, experts recommend having first-aid supplies, a hazard triangle for when your car is stuck at the side of the road, a can of tire sealant if you’ve got one of those cars with no spare wheels, jump leads, a torch with fresh batteries and a pair of gloves. If you’re traveling off-road or in lightly populated areas, it is also wise to carry warm clothing, food and water.
  5. People.  They can be unpredictable beasts, especially if they’ve gone for Mungo’s drink and have left the car behind afterwards to walk home.  In any case, people walk. They run. They bike. They chase Frisbees into the street. They might not be paying much attention as they frolic in the sunshine. As a driver, your job is to watch out for them.
  6. A bugbear of ours; large vehicles – watch out for them as they have large blind spots and take a long time to stop. As such, it is dangerous for motorists to travel unnecessarily in lanes adjacent to large trucks. Either pass the truck or tuck in behind it. Don’t sit in the lane next to it if you have a choice. More importantly, it is dangerous for motorists to cut in front of a truck and then apply the brakes, for any reason. Articulated vehicles are very heavy, take a long time to slow down and stop and are not as nimble as a car in their handling.  For example, if you’re about to miss your exit or turn, it’s better to find a safe place to turn around and double back instead of diving in front of a truck and then slamming on the brakes to make your last-minute move.

Well, there’s six of the best, we hope you find them of some sort of use.  If you’ve got your own extra points to add, you know what to do.

Until next time…

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