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Driving tips – a Kent courier’s guide

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We like to blog about a number of things, but as a dedicated Kent courier, we like to throw a tip or two (or 7 in this case) out there about driving.  Some of it maybe quite random, but hey!  That’s how we like to roll…

  1. Headlights…you know when they go all milky?  The tip of the day…use a 500 grit sandpaper to shift the grit, apply TOOTHPASTE (preferentially one with biocarbonate of soda) with a lesser grade and you’ll have sparkly clean lights.  Possibly apply a bit of polish for an extra touch.
  2. Got a new car or a hire car, need to fill it up.  What side is the fuel tank on?  Handily you’ll see an arrow on your vehicle’s dashboard near the fuel gauge to indicate which side you need to pull up to the pumps with.
  3. Need tissues or wipes in a hurry?  Stuff some in an old coffee cup that’ll sit nicely in your cup holder, hey presto!  Your own dispenser through the little hole in the lid.
  4. If your remote fob is not working very well or you want to increase its range just for fun, stick it against your cheek or chin.  The fluids in your head turn it into an increased conductor.  Go on try it…
  5. If your tyre ever blows out, DON’T suddenly brake.  This will result in you losing control and you could even flip the car.  Instead, remove your foot from the accelerator and steer the vehicle in the direction of the blown tyre.
  6. Wing / side view mirrors; keep your vehicle OUT of their view, otherwise you’ll have a blind spot.  If you can see your car in your mirror, they’re not adjusted far enough out.
  7. Check your tyre pressure on a regular basis; if your pressure is too low you’ll be using too much fuel and creating uneven wear on your tread.  Not sure about what the levels are?  There is often a guide stuck inside the driver’s door or simply look on a search engine.

Of course there are a whole host of other tips we could throw at you, but we thing (for now) that these will suffice.

Until next time…

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