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A Kent courier’s Christmas spending tips


We love Christmas at JDL Deliveries, absolutely love it!  Spending time with the family, scoffing mince pies and generally enjoying the festive spirit.  However one thing we as a small business know about is finance and avoiding the spending hangover that could follow an over-indulgent festive period once the bills hit in January.  So in the best tradition of lists, we start at number one and go all the way to number six, outlining spending tips for you over the next few weeks to make the start of 2017 that bit easier for you.

  1. Set your spending budget AND STICK TO IT, make sure your holiday budget is part of your household budget as well, because (shock horror) your bills still need to be paid, even in December.
  2. Use credit cards and savings wisely.  Make sure you know how you’re going to finance your budget and if you do utilise your credit cards, make sure that you clear them down as quickly as possible due to the expensive interest charges.
  3. Make sure that you shop around and look for the best deals.  Rather like having a weekly shopping list helps ensure that your “normal” shopping bills don’t secretly tot up, the same is true of your Christmas spend.  Once you know what you’re looking for, spend some time looking for the best deals for each item.
  4. Keep your receipts – just in case anything needs to be exchanged or refunded.
  5. Children literally don’t care about the price of your present, in fact they’re more likely to be more interested in the box or the wrapping paper.  If you think you’re going to impress nieces or nephews with branded goods, then think again…
  6. Save early, granted this is probably a bit late to be telling you this now, but hey!  Remember it for 2017!  The average family spends £796.00 on Christmas, so if you squirrel away £66.34 a month then that sounds far more manageable!

So there we have it, a few tips and ideas to make your Christmas a bit merrier and your new year that much happier.  Add some more of your own if you like sharing.

Until next time…

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