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Couriers – helping with the little big things in life

Fruit Box

The little things in life…don’t sweat them, they are after all just first world problems, worry about the the big things and the small things will look after themselves right?  Nonsense!  It’s the small things that eat away at the quality of life – you’ve left your mobile on the train…well the sun will still shine and the Earth will still rotate, so say all off the the cliches, but for yourself you’ve got a lot of hassle.  Small fry in the greater scheme of things, but if it happens often enough then life is that much less enjoyable.

So how can a Maidstone courier company like JDL Deliveries help to alleviate this little problems?  Granted we can’t write off your mortgage or find a solution to global warming, but where we do specialise is in sorting out the small problems that eat away at the quality of life.

“So”, I hear you say, “what kind of thing have you done to help out these poor folks looking to sort out their little worries?”.  Well…as well as doing all kinds of business to business movements of full pallets in a timely, safe and efficient manner we’ve also come to the rescue of many individuals needing something now.

Off the top of my head we’ve helped out with the following scenarios; a lady who had done a recent charity walk from London to Brighton had unfortunately left her hold-all in her Brighton hotel room.  Annoying enough, but on a more personal level, this hold-all also contained her wedding ring as well.  No problem!  JDL to the rescue and the owner and hold-all, wedding ring and all, are reunited.

Speaking of hotel rooms – they do seem to be a magnet for collecting expensive items being left behind as another recent job has seen us reunite a work Ipad to it’s relieved owner when it failed to make its way back into the suitcase following an exhibition.

It sin’t just the er small small things we’ve been doing either.  What could possibly be more annoying to a Harley Davidson rider than to be missing their prized Harley?  Without it you could argue that you’ve got an identity crisis, so imagine the bit of sunshine that we’ve spread when we’ve delivered somebody’s ride so they can go burnin’ up the highway.

Being a Maidstone courier in the heart of the county of Kent – the garden of England, we also make sure that numerous growers get their fruit sample boxes to their customers in order to secure bigger & better orders from them.  Our customers love our reliability, professionalism and ability to offer a chilled delivery service st the drop of the hat.

So if you’re in the need to a solution to some of life’s (smaller but still irritating) problems then remember keep this blog handy; you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

Till next time.


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