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The driving charter – interesting facts about being behind the steering wheel

Well, well, well so here we are in 2017 & I bid you a welcome to the first JDL Deliveries, (the quality Kent courier‘s), blog of the new year.  In the best traditions of JDL’s blogs throughout 2016, we’re going to do a list, and the reason we’re going to do another one is because we like them, so there!

This one is going to be some startling (some not so possibly) facts that come from our love affair of being behind the wheel.  So hold onto your hats and let us get going shall we!

  1. Did you know that 92% of us consider themselves “good drivers”, however…65% also admit to breaking the 70mph speed limit and almost one in six UK motorists have been caught speeding in the last five years.  Not any of our drivers of course!
  2. In the whole of the United Kingdom, the highest concentration of pink cars occurs in Ipswich.
  3. The UK driving test has a pass rate of only 50.2%…yes that does seem quite low doesn’t it?
  4. The total road length in the UK in 2012 was estimated to be 245,400 miles.  Rumours that at least 200,000 miles of these have either roadworks or traffic cones on them is, of course, complete nonsense…
  5. When you’re driving your vehicle at 30mph your brain will take in an average of 1320 pieces of information a minute (that’s 22 things a second), so make sure you’re not touching that mobile phone when you get a text message.
  6. Travelling at 80mph uses 11% more fuel than travelling at 70mph, yet saves you just five and a half minutes on a 50 mile trip. Even travelling at 75mph uses 6% more fuel, yet saves just three minutes. At almost £5 per gallon, those small percentages soon add up to much bigger fuel bills.
  7. Friction with the road warms the air in your tyres, creating a false reading when checking tyre pressure. So always make sure you check your tyres ‘cold’ before you set off, rather than en route.
  8. Your instincts may tell you exactly the opposite, but if you find yourself skidding on ice, the best thing to do is to turn into the skid. Trying to turn the car out of the skid will just make it worse.
  9. Britons spend 454 days of their life just sitting in traffic, just as an aside, we offer a quick and self updating traffic report service by clicking right here.
  10. One quarter of drivers have not had an eye test in two years and it is estimated that the actual cost of poor driver vision annually is £33 million and some 2,900 road casualties.  Remember; keep ’em peeled and get ’em checked too!

So there we go then, 10 facts or anecdotes as quick as a flash.  I hope you’ve found them as useful as we have…

Until next time.

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