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In the summer time when the weather is hot, you’ve got drivin’ on your mind…

Mungo Jerry said it; in the summer time you’ve got women on your mind, you have a drink and a drive and go out and see what you can find.  In the best traditions of a Kent courier like JDL Deliveries and our blogging output we’ve put together a list for driving safely in the summer time.

  1. Drinking and driving – don’t take Mungo’s example. Don’t drink and drive (alcohol that is).  It isn’t big, it isn’t clever and it’s highly illegal.  Tempting as it is to pull into a lovely olde worlde pub on a country drive and sink a few ales in the garden, if you’re driving home, just don’t!
  2. Check your vehicle and make sure it is properly maintained.  Make sure your oil and water is topped up, your tyres have enough tread and are set to the correct pressure, just common sense really, but remember higher temperatures can put additional strain on your vehicle.
  3. Make sure your air conditioning is topped up.  If you’ve got it, then use it.  There is nothing worse than driving whilst nodding off in the heat of a sweaty car cabin.  Keep yourself cool as a cucumber.
  4. Carry an emergency breakdown kit.  Vehicles do break down, even the best maintained ones, or you might even come across someone who has been in an accident or injured.  So just in case, experts recommend having first-aid supplies, a hazard triangle for when your car is stuck at the side of the road, a can of tire sealant if you’ve got one of those cars with no spare wheels, jump leads, a torch with fresh batteries and a pair of gloves. If you’re traveling off-road or in lightly populated areas, it is also wise to carry warm clothing, food and water.
  5. People.  They can be unpredictable beasts, especially if they’ve gone for Mungo’s drink and have left the car behind afterwards to walk home.  In any case, people walk. They run. They bike. They chase Frisbees into the street. They might not be paying much attention as they frolic in the sunshine. As a driver, your job is to watch out for them.
  6. A bugbear of ours; large vehicles – watch out for them as they have large blind spots and take a long time to stop. As such, it is dangerous for motorists to travel unnecessarily in lanes adjacent to large trucks. Either pass the truck or tuck in behind it. Don’t sit in the lane next to it if you have a choice. More importantly, it is dangerous for motorists to cut in front of a truck and then apply the brakes, for any reason. Articulated vehicles are very heavy, take a long time to slow down and stop and are not as nimble as a car in their handling.  For example, if you’re about to miss your exit or turn, it’s better to find a safe place to turn around and double back instead of diving in front of a truck and then slamming on the brakes to make your last-minute move.

Well, there’s six of the best, we hope you find them of some sort of use.  If you’ve got your own extra points to add, you know what to do.

Until next time…

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