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Flat Bed Courier

JDL provide a Flat bed Courier delivery services throughout the whole of the UK. You can also choose between same day or next day options. Flat bed trucks make transportation of non standard delivery loads very straightforward.  With the flatbed, customers benefit from the ability to transport extra long loads of up to 6 metres or extra high loads of up to 3 metres.

JDL drivers are all trained in the safe handling loading, restraining and unloading of difficult to handle goods. This means that you can be sure of a prompt, courteous and safe delivery.

Flat beds make deliveries of awkward loads really easy. This is because you aren’t constrained by sides and a roof. Consequently you can load and unload into the open back from all sides. They are also really useful for extra long or oversized loads.

If you have a consignment which is extra long, large stillages or even large window frames for instance, be sure to get in contact for your competitive quote.

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