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Fog Lights – When To Use Them – A Kent Courier’s Tips

Fog lights, fog lights, fog lights…you’ve got to love them haven’t you?  This Kent courier certainly does as their warming red glow dazzles you on motorways in heavy rain or at traffic lights on a pristine clear night having driven through a 100 yard wide fog bank 10 miles previously.

So why is it that a safety device on your vehicle is used so inappropriately on such a high number of occasions?  Psychologists often say that being in a vehicle is like being in your own bubble.  The temperature is to your own liking.  The music is to your own liking.  The seating position is to your own liking.  Basically, it’s your space inside and because of this, you’re less likely to appreciate the outside world as it cannot possibly affect you inside your bubble.  Once you’ve switched your fog lights on in that small bank of fog, their impact on drivers behind you is of no consequence to you in your bubble, even when they’ve long since stopped being required.

However miss-use of fog lights can have consequences for you; the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations (1989) prohibits the use of front and rear fog lights to dazzle other drivers when visibility is not reduced or when the vehicle is parked.  Using fog lights in drizzle and rain is therefore not allowed.  You are even eligible for a fine from the police if caught.

Under instruction from the Highway Code (rule 226), fog lights should only be used in the fog, when visibility drops below 100 metres (328 feet) which is roughly the length of a football pitch.  However if you’re found to not have used your fog lights whilst driving in fog that necessitated their use, and you have an accident, your insurance can be invalidated.  So it’s a fine line, however it is a line that can be kept to as long as you use common sense and only use your fog lights as and when they’re needed and not as a default!

So remember please, you are in a ton or more of metal moving at significant speed on occasions.  You are not in a bubble and you have influence on your external environment.  Take this Kent courier‘s advice as it has come from several hundred years worth of driving experience behind us!

Until next time…

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