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The leaves are turning – A Kent Courier’s driving tips


So the heady days of summer are at an end and the cooler temperatures of autumn begins to grip this most noble isle once again.  Therefore it is prudent that you need to make allowances in the way you drive and the maintenance of your vehicle now the nights are drawing in.  We here at JDL Deliveries Ltd know a few things about keeping our vehicles on the road in tip top condition, and as we are to our customers the best courier company in Kent, (and of course most modest…), we’d like to share so tips with you.

  1. To start off with, the days are now shorter.  Well not true exactly, they’re still 24 hours, but the daylight hours are shorter.  This means when you set off to or from work, you’ll be increasingly doing it in the dark.  Therefore, please remember to turn on your lights.  All too often when we’re out and about we see other vehicles driving in the dark without any lights on whatsoever.  This is a very dangerous practice, so please be aware of this when you start up your car.  This leads onto…
  2. Make sure all of your bulbs are working.  In fact it is a good idea to give your vehicle a weekly check to ensure it has working bulbs, oil, water (including antifreeze levels) and screenwash is topped up, your windscreen wipers adequately clean the screens without streaking and that the light your car emits is bright enough.  If you’ve got yellowing or milky headlights, it’s time to get them cleared, especially if you’ve got an MOT coming up, as this fails a surprisingly high number of vehicles.
  3. Those four rubber things on each corner are the only point of contact your vehicle has with the ground.  It is your responsibility to make sure that they’re legal, which on UK roads is a minimum of 1.6mm in a continuous band around three quarters of the tyre.  If they’re not, then you’re driving illegally and what is more you’re risking your life and that of other people.
  4. Your car’s battery might well have to work harder in the coming months.  The cheaper end of the market car batteries nowadays seem to have a useful life of about 24 months, so if yours is approaching this milestone or even older, think about a replacement as they are the number one reason why breakdown assistance is called.
  5. Speaking of breakdown assistance…have you got any?
  6. Frosty mornings…brrrr eh?  Icy windscreens need clearing so make sure that you allow enough time to clear them PROPERLY.  Don’t just scrape away a small peep hole, ensure that you have full all around visibility.  If and when snow arrives too, make sure you clear the snow from your roof too, this is because the snow from your roof can easily slip forward and cover your windscreen if you have cause to break sharply.
  7. With brings up onto…drive defensively.  Take into account roads can be slippery this time of year, so leave more space, anticipate more as stopping distances will be greater.

I’m sure that there are more tips that you good people can think of, but as a Maidstone Courier company, these are the things that stand out for us.  Whatever you’re driving or wherever you’re going…do it safely.

Until next time.

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