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Life on the road – let’s be kind to each other

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One thing about being a Kent courier company is that we naturally get to spend a fair bit of time on the road.  We consequently get to see all kinds of sights and to a certain extent you could argue that it does reflect human nature as a whole.  Wow!  That is quite deep coming from a humble blog of a humble (but rather good if we do say so ourselves) courier company.

However we stand by that belief; the roads and life on them, can be pretty rotten and hard work.  There is of course road works, hold ups, delays, people cutting you up and all kinds of things to test your patience, and this is often before you’ve even got off of your own driveway…

One thing that did strike us was we recently witnessed an episode on the M3 in the roadworks, where some unfortunate soul was unlucky enough to breakdown.  Whilst he was waiting for the recovery people to come and do their thing he was being subjected to a torrent of abuse both verbal and car horn related.  We’re sure that this poor individual did not wake up this morning and thing “I’m going to go and break down in the M3 roadworks today, which will really annoy everyone who I hold up behind me just for fun.”  Sometimes unfortunate things happen at unfortunate times, and sometimes those times are on the road.

So with this in mind, I’m going to make an appeal…there are enough things in life sent to try us, so lets not turn on each other shall we?  Remember we’re all human, things happen on occasion, so take that deep breath and think that “there by the grace of God”.

This Kent courier company says let’s be excellent to each other and enjoy the world, because frankly none of us are getting out of here alive.

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