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What to look for when choosing a courier company

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So then…the burning question that is asked (not a lot if we’re honest) is what do I look for when choosing a courier company?  However this is something that does need to be asked as not all courier companies are the same.  This is especially important if that courier company you’ve selected is transporting something of vital importance to your customer.  Your reputation is being carried by that courier company, so make sure that you pick a good one.

Here at JDL Deliveries Limited, we like to blow our own trumpet and know one or two things of what you’d be looking for, so in the great tradition of blogging, we’d like to share some of them…

  1. Reputation – in these days of internet savvy customers being willing to leave reviews quickly & easily, it is fairly easy to view how other customers perceive the performance of a courier.  What is even more important than the customer feedback is how the courier company chooses to respond to the feedback, whether good or bad.  This speaks volumes about how much the courier company cares about its reputation, and a courier company that cares about its own reputation will most likely also care about your reputation with your customers.
  2. Locality – a courier company, like any other business, often has spare capacity for last minute emergency “oh my God I’ve forgotten to send this important parcel, what am I going to do?” type scenarios, however if you want your emergency parcel there quickly, then pick a company in the local area as they’re more likely to be able to respond promptly with this spare capacity.  We here at JDL specialise in collections around Kent, (especially the busy areas such as Tonbridge, Aylesford, Medway & Dartford) but also London & Essex too…so as a shameless plug…we’d be perfect for your last minute emergency collections in areas like these.
  3. Tracking – in this day an age no professional courier company should be without it.  You need to know where your parcel is, how long it’s going to be and you need to know this for the duration of its time with the courier company.
  4. Do they have the infrastructure to undertake the job – parcels range from envelopes to very big things and everything in between.  They may have temperature requirements, they may have packaging requirements.  Whatever you do before booking the courier, please ensure that they have the correct equipment to hand to perform the job.  A company, like say JDL Deliveries Ltd for example, have a full range of options available to offer same day or next day delivery using a whole host of vehicle options ranging from motorbikes & cars, up to vans and lorries along with chilled options, so we like to consider we’ve got you covered!

So that are a few things that we as Kent couriers think you should be considering when you select your next company to carry important information or products on your behalf.

Hope you enjoyed our blog and look out for our next post sometime soon.

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