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Loose end? What to do in Kent with JDL Deliveries the Maidstone Couriers


As Maidstone couriers we at JDL Deliveries have noticed the roads are starting to get busier as the holiday period ends and parents + children return to work and school.  However because our customer’s consider us the best courier company from Kent, we like to share snippets of information, just to show why we’re so liked.  Therefore with this in mind, we’d like to throw out a few details of what is happening in Kent and the local area that might (just maybe…) be of interest to you.

  1. If uplifting musical prose is your thing, then coming to Maidstone‘s All Saint Church on 8th October is the Kent Chamber Choir, in what promises to be a deeply moving evening.  For more details look here.
  2. Proving that you CAN get satisfaction (rather like using a great next day delivery service in Kent, rather like JDL…shameless plug…), the Counterfeit Stones hit Maidstone’s Hazlitt Theatre on 20th October.  Rock on here for more details.
  3. Keeping on the musical theme, down in Tunbridge Wells the soulful Three Degrees hit the Assembly Hall on 10th October.  Again if you’re interested – you know the drill…clickedy click.
  4. Marlene & Boycie (yes really) are hosting an “Only Fools” gala evening of chaos and fun at Dover’s Best Western Marina Hotel & Spa.  So to get a pony in your pocket and a suitcase from the van, look here.
  5. Finally – wanting to explore horticultural options for your garden?  Excellent, you’ll be wanting to visit the annual Autumn Extravaganza with a broad range of exhibitors at Great Comp Garden in Sevenoaks.  Details are here.

So as you can see…we at JDL Deliveries, aside from being really quite good Kent couriers, we also like to help people enjoy themselves.

Until next time.

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