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Do you wanna build a snowman…

Yes, it’s snowing!  Yes it can be a pain, but this Kent courier has vans on the road today making sure we’re carrying our customer’s expectations (as well as their loads) is and safe, courteous and efficient manner.  However because it’s snowing today, for no other reason than it’s fun, here is a picture of a Lego snowman that was transported by JDL Deliveries to a photo shoot last summer:

If that isn’t enough, here is a real one I made with my little boy last night (we started making a snow dog too, but after two hours snowball fighting and building, we called it a day):

 However frivolity aside, we have already done one blog on winter driving and maintenance tips.  I would urge you to read it, so have a quick clickity click here.

So it is a brief blog today, but make sure you drive safe and smart in the snow.

Until next time.

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