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White van man – the name alone puts chills down the spine of other road users from cyclists through to HGV drivers and everything in between.  The image of your rear view mirror being filled with the top part of a van’s radiator grill and bonnet is one familiar to all road users and is the enduring legacy of people’s perceptions of these vehicles and their drivers.

However we here at JDL Deliveries Limited, (to our customers the finest Kent courier company), amongst our comprehensive fleet we do have white vans and we like to stand up for them, because really they’re really nice people and they work hard to carry your business to your customers.

So with this in mind, we’d like to christen the white van PERSON the unofficial knights of the road and this is because:

  1. Economically the presence of white vans is a great benefit.  Demand for vans grew towards the end of 2015 & into 2016 due to the growth in both the UK economy as a whole and the purchase of goods on-line.  So the more vans you see on the roads, the more tax is going into the coffers and the better off we all are.
  2. White van people (4% of van drivers are women after all) are the most likely group of motorists to stop and assist you if you’ve broken down on the side of the road, whilst everyone if happy to motor past you.
  3. Just over one in four van drivers are self employed and of the vans on the road, only 22% are affiliated to fleet and courier companies.  The rest are a vital tool of the trade for occupations as diverse as roofers, picture framers or theatre directors.
  4. The van driver is also more literate than the rest of the population, as well as the obvious tabloids, they also read industry specific magazines and over half are regular book readers too, a number not matched in the non-van fraternity of the populous.
  5. Over 57% of white van drivers have pets and this does not mean Staffies or Rottweilers, instead the most popular are “gentler” pets such as ponies, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, parrots, rabbits and fish.
  6. Emergency services have a high regard for van drivers as it is invariably they who first notice the sound and approaching presence of emergency vehicles and take quicker action to allow them to pass.

So as you can see, white van drivers aren’t all bad, in fact their presence is a good thing for all of us.  So irrespective of whether they’re a Maidstone courier like JDL Deliveries Ltd, or another hard working person in a variety of other industries, then please make sure you learn to love the new knights of the road.

Until next time.

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